Getting together with family members or friends and enjoying a grilled meal is considered fun, but one simple mistake can result in a fatal one. Barbecues are pretty expensive and we usually clean them. This must also be done to prevent outbursts which come as a result of af grease and fat. And what the majority uses to clean is a wire-bristle BBQ brush. Fact is that this is a very dangerous thing.

The insidious danger

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A two-year-old was taken to hospital two years ago after a loose bristle was stuck on his hamburger and floundered in his threat. The story was in every newspaper at that time warning others about the risks of wire-bristle BBQ brushes. According to a 2016 study by the University of Missouri School of Medicine, almost 1.700 injuries caused by bristle BBQ brushes were reported in U.S emergency rooms since 2002.

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Nowadays it has become a major concern. This happens because the metal bristles on the brush loosen after several times of use. Afterwards, when you put raw meat on the grill, the bristle is stuck on your food. How to avoid it happen to your family? There are plenty of things you can do to prevent thin bristles stick to your food.
First of all, you should check the brush before using it. Don’t use it in case you see loose bristles.

In case you have a new one, you should look after it and make sure you don’t leave it outdoors as it will loosen even faster. After using the bristle, wipe it using a damp cloth to remove loose bristles. In case you don’t want to use wire-bristles BBQ brushes again, you can very well use wooden scrapers to clean grills.

Below given are five more things you need to be careful about while you are barbecuing.

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1. Checking for any gas leaks. Just the words ”gas leak” freaks you out. The most usual method to check for it is by using soapy water. Place the mixture of soap and water on hoses and connections and afterwards turn the gas on with the grill lid open. In case the soap forms big bubbles, you are in trouble.

2. Defrost meat properly. You should be careful with the food as it can be rotten very quickly which makes it dangerous for you.

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3. Keep the grill far from the house.
You must put the grill at least 10 feet away from the house. In case of a fire, you can save the house or the garage from getting burned.

4. Don’t put too much food on the grill. The more fatty food you put on the grill, the more it damages the grill.
You have to bear in mind the fact that fat drips fuel the flame and it would then result in a huge fire.

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5. Plan beforehand.
You must always stand beside the grill once you have turned it on. You have to prepare all of your food and equipment to avoid leaving the grill.
So next time you plan a barbecue think of these tips.

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