An old lady decided to celebrate her 70th birthday alone, in a 5-star luxury hotel.

Next morning while she was checking out, the desk clerk handed her a bill of $500.

She was REALLY furious and asked to know why she had to pay so much.

”Its a really nice hotel and all but the rooms certainly aren’t worth $500 just for a night stay. I didn’t even have breakfast.”

The clerk explained to her that the standard rate for the luxury room she chose was $500 and there was nothing he could do SO she asked to see the Manager.

The manager came and, forewarned by the desk clerk, said: ”The hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a big conference room which are available to use.”

”But I did NOT use them,” she said to the manager in an angry tone.

”Well here they are and you could’ve used them if you wanted to,” said the manager.

He added that she could’ve also seen one of the in-hotel Shows for which the hotel is famous for. “We have the best of the best entertainers from the World here,” the Manager said. “But I didn’t go to any of Those shows,” she replied.

”Well you COULD HAVE,” replied the manager.

The manager continued to list all the hotel amenities but whatever he said she kept saying ”BUT I DIDN’T USE IT” and the manager continued with his standard response.

After several minutes discussing she decided to pay and gave him the check.

-”BUT mam, this check is only $100.”

-”Yes, that’s correct. I charged you $400 for sleeping with me,” she replied.

-”BUT I DIDN’T,” said the manager in total surprise.


This is why you should NEVER mess with Senior Citizens !!!


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