Dating can be intimidating and strange, especially when it has been a long time since you were single. The important thing is that it’s essential you stay open to others and not judge anyone too quickly.

That was in my mind when I decided to share this hilarious story I came across online. It was about a 70-year-old widow who had made a newspaper advert searching for a new husband.

One day, she was at home when she heard her doorbell… only that, she would have never guessed who would be standing on the other side.

Make sure to read until the punchline.

A 70-year-old lonely widow thought it was time for her to marry again…

In the local newspaper AD she put, it read:

” Searching for a new husband! He must be of my age group, must not beat or run around on me and has to be good in bed. Applicants are required to apply in person.”


The next day, she heard the doorbell. To her surprise, she opened it and saw a gray-haired gentleman in a wheelchair. The gentleman had no arms or legs.

” Look at you-you have no legs. You aren`t asking me to consider you, right?

” That`s why I can`t run around you!” he replied smiling.

” You have no arms either!” she continued.

” That`s why I will never beat you!” the old man said, smiling again.

‘Well, are you still good in bed then?” she asked intently.

“Well, I rang the doorbell, right?” the old man said, beaming a big smile.


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