Last Saturday my teenage daughter asked to go for a sleepover at her friends house and then go to the movies. I accepted. My daughter has always behaved well and she has always communicated with me. But this was not the case that night and what happened next is every family’s nightmare.

I got a Facebook message at 10:00 am explaining that someone had got a phone call saying that my girl Ryleigh Payton was somewhere around unconscious.

I was shocked and tried to call her right away but of course, she did not answer.

I started asking what had happened but got no answer back as the girl was now on the way of finding the girl who called her and my daughter, and brought them to my path.

When I opened the car door I saw my daughter unconscious and foaming. The ambulance arrived at the scene and she was unconscious and we did not have any details apart of the fact that she had been drinking vodka but we were not sure if she had taken something else. She was given Narcane 4 time but was not responsive yet.


She was taken to Heywood and I was told my girl’s airway was not strong enough and they had to intubate her and transfer her to Umass.

“When we arrived there the doctors told us my daughter was NO longer breathing on her own at all.”

I passed 14 long hours praying and imploring for my daughter, having flashbacks from the day she was born, to her first laugh, first time she said mom to me, the first step, her first birthday celebration, her 1st day at school, her first friends, first sleepover, illness, the graduation in middle school, our mom and daughter moments, laughing, having fun and so on. I was thinking of my daughter’s siblings and how they would feel if we lost her.

She was with a group of friends and I’m pretty sure that when they began noticing that my daughter was not feeling okay, they got panicked and they may have thought of leaving her there as they would get in trouble if they tried to help her …the only one to stay there and who tried to reach me was one girl.


She did not for a second think that she was to get in trouble and instead she helped Ryleigh who was in a desperate need for help. I strongly believe that the other who left her there was very frightened and did not think of the seriousness of her situation at the moment and this is why I’m sharing this experience so that every teenager who may come across a similar situation knows.

You won’t get into trouble for helping someone !!!! You are able to save a person’s life !!!!

So please help others who need your help no matter what the circumstances are.

That girl saved my girl’s life by reaching me out and I know I would be crying on her grave if it wasn’t for her. Parents must share this with their children so they understand the risks, of underaged drinking and its consequences !!!

My lovely daughter finally opened her beautiful green eyes after 14 long hours on God’s will. She first asked to see her Mumma and sister Courtney Ackles and we are now in a long recovery because of breathing issues, eye lacerations and the continuous worry she won’t have pneumonia out of vomiting present in her lungs, so this bad situation is not over yet but at least she is alive, home and a case.


“Thank you to all who have stood by my family in this time, saying prayers, helping my other kids and husband while I was at the hospital, we are blessed. Please share this to prevent another child from going through this and another parent to endure what I have.”

My 921b daughter had a 2.8 blood alcohol level because of drinking Ciroc which is the typical Vodka teenagers mostly choose nowadays.

Don’t you think this can’t happen to you because it is widespread and very present? You may find the pictures we shared of her as disturbing but we hope that they will help in PREVENTING AND SAVING OTHER CHILDREN!!! SO SHARE OUR STORY !!!