Having a nice smelling home with amazing fragrances to create a warm atmosphere after a hard day at work is something we all long for.

This way we relax as we sip on a nice coffee or tea.


But next time you light those scented candles, you need to know the potential dangers.
While breastfeeding her little baby son Jimmy, mom Meghan Budden spotted he had developed black dots in his nostril.

She tried to remove them but they were still there and that got her worried. It was then when Meghan remembered that the previous night she had burned the scented candles for three hours.
However, there was a warning notice about burning it for more than three hours.


She actually burned them for nearly 6 hours which caused black soot through the room.
This had an impact on her son as he had been breathing it in all the time.

Taking into consideration that the size of the pots was small, no one would be concerned about it.
But the health danger is in the fact that they contain toxins resulting in serious illnesses.

An environment pollutant expert at the University of Melbourne, Anne Steinmann states.

Scented candles can lead to ‘damage to the brain, lung and central nervous system, as well as cause developmental difficulties.”

No mother would want her baby to go through such thing and the issue is more serious than we believe.


According to Cashin and Associates, there are nearly 20,000 deaths a year in the USA due to soot being expelled from scented candles.
To lower its risky impact Anne Steinemann suggests”shooting can be reduced by keeping candle wicks short, drafts to a minimum, and burning the unscented candle.”

Meghan was quick to notice the impact of the candles which had her potentially save Jimmy’s life.
Have a look at the video to know more about the dangers of scented candles :
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