This is the creepy moment a McDonald`s employee was recorded fiercely hitting a client as she supposedly attempted to fill up a water cup with free soda. The quarrel was published on Facebook and Instagram by Maric Dayag from Nevada who explained the quarrel started after the client attempted to fill a water cup with soda.

‘The lady asked for a water cup and supervisor shut down the soda machine because she wasn’t letting her get a free soda,` Dayag wrote. Dayang’s recording displays the woman debating moments before the quarrel starts. Considering the fact that it is too difficult to hear anything from the video, it seems like it’s a money issue. In some point the woman behind the counter is heard saying ‘since you can`t afford one .’ The client is heard replying ‘ that’s why your a** is behind the f***ing counter ‘before tossing a French fry along the restaurant.

In Dayag’s Facebook page it is stated that she is a Nevada resident and was born in San Mateo, California. It is unknown where the quarrel happened. The recording also shows the fight further escalates after the client throws a milkshake at the worker. As the employee rushes to her, the client takes a metal tray and throws it on her head and face.

The staff member, on the other hand, pulls the client’s hair and starts punching her on her face and head. Afterwards, she holds her up and throws her on a table while the other workers and a customer included, run towards them to try to set them apart. Another McDonald’s employee manages to break them up but the client turns to her. This has the fight get worse as the badly beaten client is thrown over another table by the original worker. The worker is heard saying ‘ my momma ain`t dead, you respect my momma`, although it’s not clear who it refers to.

The client holds up another chair and tries to hit the worker, but someone quickly grabs it from her calling it quits. You can hear some more bad words being said before the recording is interrupted.