I believe that we have all encountered sociopaths at some point of our lives. People who seem pretty innocent, but who try to manipulate you by getting into your head to benefit from you. They might be your relatives, friends, or colleagues; you might run into them everywhere. The most toxic people of all are the narcissist manipulators. They only think about themselves and will do everything to get what they want. They are so selfish that they will put their feelings, needs and aims above anyone and everything else.

Below listed are 6 things narcissists and sociopaths say to have you under control

1.”You’re just………” Fill in the gaps. ”In love with me”, ”envious”, ”insane”, or any other word.

Sociopaths will make use of every name-calling to make you feel worthless and uncertain. By doing so, they try to keep you attached to them.

2.” You just got me wrong”. Sociopaths usually do something known as ” gaslighting .”

This refers to when you do something which brings out a negative reaction and afterwards blaming the person for the negative reaction, implying that they didn’t get what you were saying.

3.” Stop being so sensitive “.

When a narcissist pushes you to your limits and makes you act out of the ordinary, they will defend themselves by telling you that you are overreacting and being too sensitive.

You should be strong. They say this to make an excuse for themselves and their actions and to keep you under their control.

4.” Stop it with the drama.”

If a sociopath blames you for being dramatic you will try to look for and remove any reaction or feelings that might be as such . What they are trying to do is only make you feel sad and have you questioning what you are really feeling.

5.” You are overanalysing things”.

There are moments where we analyze things very carefully.

Sociopaths mainly do this to push you to your limits and make you paranoid-they will do whatever they can to make you second guess their reasons. By doing so they hope to make you question your gut feelings and make you feel nuts.

6.” You’d be nothing without me.”

As you have started to analyze a sociopath their manipulation starts to show up. They for sure don’t want a healthy relationship with you. They only want to have you under control and they do so by making you feel like you are crazy.

Don’t let them fool you. You will definitely be happier without toxic people in your life.