1st woman: Hey Sylvia! So how did you pass away? I froze in a freezer.

2nd woman: That sounds terrible!

1st woman: It wasn’t that bad. After I stopped shaking from the cold, I started getting warm and sleepy and I passed on peacefully. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

2nd woman: I had a heart attack. I’d doubted my hubby was cheating me so I came home early to catch him in the act BUT instead I found him watching TV all by himself.

1st woman: So why did you have a heart attack?

2nd woman: I could swear there was another woman in the house so I immediately started looking for her. I searched the attic and the basement. Nothing. I searched under the beds and went through every closet. As I was searching all over the place like crazy I just became so exhausted that I just had the heart attack and passed away.


1st woman: Too bad you didn’t come to check the freezer. We’d both still be alive if you had!