I can’t wait for the moment when you don’t care about what others think. This grandma in this story is a true role model for all the grandmas who have troubles with their teenage nieces and nephews.

The parents are not in town as they are celebrating their wedding day and therefore asked grandma to look after the teenage girl.

On a Friday evening, the teenager gets ready to go on a date. As the girl walks down the stairs, grandma is taken aback as she sees her niece with a see-through blouse without anything else on.

She says to her, ”You wouldn’t dare go out dressed like that!” The teenage answers, ”Relax, grandma. It’s 2017, it’s okay to let your rose buds show a bit.” And the girl quickly goes out of the house not letting time for her grandma to answer back.

The next day the girl walks down the stairs and is surprised to see her grandma sitting undressed on her upper body.

Grandma says, ”Relax honey if you can show your rosebuds, then what’s wrong with me showing my hanging plants?” Share this post if you liked grandma’s response!

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