Runway Models and Their Huge Advantages

In the great market of the modeling industry, Runway models are the second most popular type of models but they have models that are aspired to be Runway models have the biggest advantages of this industry. What makes these models special is that when they show up they got the indifference and confidence that is hard to compare with other models. These flawless models walk up in front of the audience such effortlessly and slowly that mesmerize you with their beauty. One of their benefits is that they can still sell clothes. Down below there are some of the characteristics and specific features that show you the perfect example of the runway model.

Model Characteristics

Female Models: They must be at a minimum of 5’9 up to 6’1. The standard size that they need to wear their brand of representative clothes must be 2-4-6. A nice skin, great teeth that represents a brilliant smile, a well-toned body, style, attitude, and confidence makes you a true runway female model.

Male Models: For men models, there is a strict length which is 6 to 6’2. The suit size must be 33 to 44 Regular. A well-toned body, good and treated skin, and of course a great smile is what completes you as a male runway model. As we mentioned earlier, walking with confidence and attitude, and also walking on the runway with ease is something that belongs to the male runway models as well.

During the hard times with your ups and downs on this journey that you took it in order to become an aspiring model, you must stand tall and correct yourself in order to carry on no matter the struggles that you have passed or the ones that are ready to come. This is such an important thing because it can raise self-confidence and makes you stronger. It also helps you improve during the projects that are ready to come in the future. It only takes a walk in order to break you or confirm you as a proper model in the future. Your style and temperament must be unique so it can cause an impact on the audience or to the fashion house owners.

While walking down in the middle of hundreds of participants what you have to do is walking with kindness, being light and so smooth while placing one leg then the other one with care. What is important is not losing balance while doing this because it will be so inappropriate before their eyes.

It is important that your shoulders must be relaxed and your entire body for sure must be slanted slightly, this way the walk becomes successful and with elegance. Remember, acting strangely in the stage (the thing that you think might be unique) can ruin your entire performance and cannot be tolerated.

Eye contact is known as the most important thing besides body characteristics and measurements. While walking in the stage and that eye contact that you make with the audience you immediately invite them and you involve in the show that you currently are creating with all that magic surrounding them. If this thing means success then congratulations you owned them and clothes for the respective brand are sold.

Social Skill To Boost Your Model Status

Just like any other job in the world social skills are very useful to boost your modeling career. The modeling industry is a bit different from other job sites. In this industry, you don’t need to submit a resume to make an interview. Instead, you have to use your snapshots or portfolio to show off why you’re a perfect fit for this kind of job. You need to make sure your portfolio is made to impress others. Try to look perfect in your snapshots. They will give agencies or scouts an idea of how much the camera loves you. However, keep in mind that a pretty face and body is not everything you need in order to boost your modeling career.

Modeling Portfolios

As mentioned above as a model you don’t use resumes but fear not because you can still list the special skills you have somewhere else. If you did your homework you may already know that popular scouting websites have a special spot where models can use to list their special skills. We suggest you always add those to your “resume”. Start by having separate accounts on your social media. You should divide your personal life from your professional one. We suggest you have two accounts where you can use one to share your work and another one to share your personal things. Make sure your accounts have max levels of security because your social media can either be your glow or demise.

Dancing skills

Dancing skills are far more superior than any other skill in the modeling industry. What makes dancing so amazing is the fact that it gives you the ability to know the limit of your body and the position of other people. Dancing is a way of you telling others about your personality without really having to say a word. As you know professional dancers are able to move in a worry-free way and perform a stunning performance in front of a huge audience. Dancing can also serve as a fitness routine but also boost your self-confidence. We would go as far as saying that dancing and modeling are very similar to each other so don’t forget to mention it if a modeling agency wants to interview you.

Fitness Routine

As you know fit modeling is actually a category in the modeling industry so it’s crucial for you to have a strict fitness routine. Fitness will help your poses look more authentic making them perfect for fitness ads that advertise gears or gyms. Fitness will also help you keep your body in perfect shape and extremely healthy. You can use this as a self boosting confidence that will make you walk effortlessly on the runway. A fitness center is a great place to start practicing your career. All in all, every special skill can prove to be quite essential in your modeling career late on. Don’t forget to mention them wherever you go because you never know what may happen. Other skills worth mentioning are acting skills, previous photo shooting experiences, and many others.

What Are Some Mistakes That Young Models Do

Starting a career as a model especially from those models that wanted this thing so bad sometimes happens that they do not calculate things and make mistakes, at some point they are not to blame because they don’t know how this thing properly works but still its a mistake. It takes just a wrong move and you will find yourself in a tough situation. For this, we got some advice for all of the young aspiring models out there that find this thing difficult on how to join the fashion world industry but also what are some starting points that they need to follow in order to reduce mistakes during their journey.

Overspending Money

We know a lot of cases when several young aspiring models wanted to join the fashion world industry and as a starter pack, they spent thousands of dollars in order to join the market. This is acceptable but not tolerable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars since in the beginning because you don’t really need to overspend money in order to join. What is important is that since you showed yourself up in this industry with your presentative projects, agents of this field immediately will contact you up judging by your specific characteristics, and then starting a contract with that model agency. Keep in mind, as soon as you are part of that agency your spendings must be at the lowest point which means reduce spendings at the minimum.

Bad Digital or Snapshots

It might seem like something ordinary or simple but do not forget that in this industry, while you are pretending to be an aspiring model, taking snapshots is one of the most important things that agents require and search for. Taking bad snapshots which are included on digital photos shows your features and specifics of your face and skin condition. It shows you the length of your neck, arms, and legs. Also, it allows agents to see more clearly the bones and the structure of your body. Definitely snapshots help agents to see the true and natural beauty on you based on snapshots. So if you take bad snapshots then the chances for you to be selected are low.

Being Unprofessional

As soon as you are a part of a modeling agency, immediately the chances for you to get selected are bigger than when you aren’t part of an agency. To be clarified to complete your objective and being selected by clients, agents of the agency help you with that. But while you are selected, clients which are interested in you will contact you in different ways. What you need to do is being serious, professional, and knowing what you are doing. Unprofessional letters or emails sometimes may lead to a breach of the agreement. So before responding to them ask professionals or managers so they can give you some instructions on how to proceed with the answer.

Being Impatient

Being a model sometimes requires a short period of time but also a long period of time. Thing is that while you are prepared in your mind and you made some objectives you immediately need to accomplish them. Here you must stop because you always have to remind yourself that everything has its time. So don’t be impatient and always rush. Just wait, prepare yourself, keep calm, and when the time comes and you will be completed with yourself you will feel the true pleasure and the triumph that you always searched for.

What it Feels Like Becoming a Glamour Model

What most of the models believe is that becoming a glamour model Is such an easy way. Facing the reality and being honest is that becoming a glamour model requires a lot of sacrifices and definitely hard work. You can compare it with a career as an actor which is an extremely difficult kind of job. Down below there are some steps or guidelines which can help you with this. There are some tasks that you need to follow and some criteria that you need to fulfill in order to become a successful glamour model.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that when you want to join the modeling world is that everything that you do from the first steps to the final stage when you will become a superstar is that everything will be recorded and archived. Being determined whether if you want to join the modeling world is such a hard task. Being said is that you have to be 100% sure if that’s the right thing that you want to follow. You have to take big risks and rough times throughout your journey. But if that’s the dream that you want to fulfill then nothing will stop you even in the hardest times of your journey. Focus on your purpose and follow your steps carefully and strictly

Second: If you really wish that that’s the thing you definitely want to do then except the determination, the appearance and giving the maximum from yourself is of course the second important thing. Being real becoming a glamour model you need to have a body shaped like a model with attractive features of your face. This step reminds you that in order to have that kind of body you must maintain a strict diet with a lot of exercises. This is called a vital element in the modeling industry. Having this kind of appearance with hard work then the opportunities are without a doubt in your favor and it can directly catapult you in the world-class model’s agencies. But in order to jump straight at world-class models, you also need to have good connections and relationships with people that are part of the modeling industry such as models, photographers, owners of fashion houses, designers, etc.

Often this category of people helped a lot of models skipping the early steps judging by their experience and being in a world of fashion for years and years. Not only this but also being open-minded is also a strong element that serves you for your own good and being mentally strong. Sacrifices that sometimes are required from the fashion model agencies or fashion houses can’t fit with your personality for some reason. If you would be more open-minded and accepting these kinds of sacrifices, watching them as art helps you definitely to complete these tasks. Also having different styles of styles in glamour modeling also helps you increase your ability to find more projects and collaborations in the future.

The last thing to say is that if you want to become a successful glamour model without starting from the bottom but being a professional its way easier to become a world-class model and internationally well-known model.

What It Takes To Be A Mainstream Model

Almost everyone looks at modeling as an easy job that everyone with a great looking face and body could do it. However, nobody speaks of the work that happens on the backstage. The time, effort, and money spent are never enough. If you’re the type of girl to think that just because you have a beautiful face and body that we totally recommend you to seek a new career.

Steps To Take

If modeling is your thing and you’re really passionate about it then we suggest you start slowly. Do your homework real good, search how other models work, and try to copy their way of doing things. They are mainstream models in such a huge industry for a reason. Look forward to gaining as much exposure as you can in order to slowly but surely open new doors in the near future. One major goal of every new model in the industry is to get its first modeling contract. However, we recommend you stay with your feet on the ground because you still have a lot to go if you’re looking to reach the same height in your career as famous mainstream models such as Bella Hadid or Kylie Jenner. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have some ideas on what to do and what not to do to boost your modeling career.

Special Skills Required

Special skills play a huge role in your modeling career. Skills such as dancing, acting, fitness, and many others will help you in many ways. As previously mentioned in our other posts dancing can make you feel more versatile and boost your self-esteem while acting can help you wear that happy face at all times despite everything. If dancing and acting are related to your career then fitness can help you keep your body in shape and very healthy at all times.

Social Media Accounts

An active social media is the heart of your career. Whether you like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, or any other social media is crucial that you keep your followers engaged at all times. However, we suggest you keep one account separate from your personal life. This will make you look more professional in the eyes of scouts or modeling agencies. It’s important to promote your social media profile once in a while. That can be a bit expensive but are all the steps you need to take in order to become a mainstream model. Make sure you post every day and it’s recommended that in every three pictures you need to post a video. It’s essential for a model to keep posting so her fans could see you every day. With so many models out there you’re easy to be forgotten while you’re still new into this industry. Keep working harder every day and we are sure many people will recognize your efforts. You will eventually be asked to work for agencies with a bigger name than the one you are.

What Modeling Agencies Seek From New Applicant

Modeling is a job many people want and we don’t blame them. It’s a dream for most young girls to be successful models these days. Thanks to modeling agencies your dream can be easy to accomplish. Modeling agencies are always on the lookout for new girls that will bring that fresh look into the office. Your beautiful face and body can become the next big thing in the modeling industry. However, keep in mind that there are a few things you need to know before you start applying to one of the thousand modeling agencies around the world.

First of all, getting a contract done with a modeling agency can be the best thing that ever happened in your modeling career. The benefits for you will be just too good to be true. If fame and richness are your focus then depending on the agency you’re working for those who can be easily accomplished. At the start of their career, young models get paid around 25$ to 50$ per hour. However, keep in mind that this payment is subject to change really fast depending on how good you perform or how much exposure you gain from it.

However, the requirements to join a modeling agency are very strict and always changing with time. Modeling scouts have a good eye thanks to their experience in the industry so they will instantly know who can become a good model and who cannot. The first question they always ask is: “ Are you willing to work hard to become a successful model”? They test your postures, photogenic, and how the camera makes you feel. Modeling agencies are always on the lookout for new energetic ladies that would bring a refreshing look in their agency. One of the requirements you need to have before applying is your beauty. That’s the reason why many young girls who love modeling and want to become one go through many plastic surgeries to get the kind of look they want.

You need to make sure you present any additional skills you may have that clearly boost your modeling career. Those skills include dancing, acting, previous jobs, etc. If you’re famous on Instagram you can always show them your profile. Instagram plays a huge role in marketing that’s why many scouts these days are recruiting their models based on the number of followers they have. Think of it as a platform where you can advertise your work for free.

To earn a job place in a modeling agency is rough but not impossible. With enough determination and work behind the stage, you can surely find one agency that will find interest in you. Once you win the job place you need to work harder and harder every day to bring better results in the table. And the last but not the least thing is that you need to tell them how much you love to work for their company and how much you want to become a model. We suggest you always be honest and true to give scouts an easier time to understand you.

Preventing Mistakes as a Model

Since you are new at modeling, there are some things that you might seem legit but on the other side, the truth is that it might be a mistake that you shouldn’t do. This happens for the fact that it might ruin your career and lots of depression which can cause a total mental breakdown. Being said is that you must prevent these things and prepare yourself for the worst that might come. These steps or advice might help you in order to improve your mental condition to become a better model among others.

We know that all of the girls are aspiring to become models and somehow manage to get in the world fashion industry but what is the most important thing to complete you as a model is that you must become a professional model, not just a simple one. To archive this you need to act now In order to get that fancy life that you always dreamed of. Just simple advice from us is that you need to take things seriously while you join the modeling world industry and act now.

Let’s proceed and see what are some of the mistakes that you shouldn’t do as a model.

Limiting yourself

One of the most important pieces of advice and move that you should not do is focusing on and limiting yourself at just one market. Except for the beauty that is obvious for a model there is another part which completes you as a person too that a lot of agents are looking forward to. There are personality, attitude, and education. These are huge components that some agents rarely find at some models nowadays. To be honest you spend more time while searching for jobs and projects than practicing it. Even though you have a manager that takes care for every appointment and schedule, the biggest responsibility belongs to you and if you don’t have these components you may fail. Even if you fail at some of these, you should be strong and accept rejections as the way of life that from now and on is part of your life.

Posing and taking bad photos

While collaborating with some of the agencies that you currently work it happens that for a short period of time you will stay quiet without any proper project or work even though you have a current contract. For this reason in order to stimulate their imagination or pushing them to choose you like their professional model for the right project you need to take professional photos with great quality and with such a flawless positioning. What you shouldn’t do is taking bad photos with low quality and not photogenic. Maybe you will work for a very short time if you make these kinds of photos and somehow it ruins your reputation in the world of the fashion industry.

Inappropriate Outfit

Since you are an aspiring model or a current model what you need to do is that going in every fashion session or castings you have to prove your skills and why you are the reason that they have to choose you. The kind of attire that you will dress is very important. If happens that you will dress up with an inappropriate outfit then all that glow and charm will fade away and the impact that you wanted to make will not happen as you thought. It causes a bad figure for you and also for the fashion house agents that are interested in you.

Plastic Surgery In The Modeling World – Are They Affected by it

Not everyone likes their body features or general appearance. Changing one or two things in our body or face is a normal thing nowadays. Every day on Instagram, Facebook, or any social media we see models and wonder if they did plastic surgery or not. A model appearance is directly connected with their job. To keep your job you will do everything it’s necessary. You are free to change everything in your body if you don’t like something or that something you want to change it’s necessary for modeling, you will directly ask for plastic surgery. Other people who aren’t models but like to do plastic surgery will generally have a good impact on their confidence. The same thing happens to models but also can affect more than that it can break or make a modeling career.

Plastic surgery is good and bad at the same time because some time companies search for natural models and you are not likely to get that job if you change something in your appearance or body features. But sometimes you can get a great deal with the biggest modeling companies because of your good appearance after some plastic surgery. But models know that because before going to ask for a job in a Modeling Company they search for the requirements of the company and so they can decide to do or not plastic surgery or to keep the natural appearance.

Being rich it’s not necessary for your life because you can live a normal life but everyone would like to live a luxurious life without having to work hard for it. Who else can make this a reality but modeling companies everything is connected with your appearance that’s why so many girls choose plastic surgery to remove or to change something in their body that can be a problem in the future. In a little time, you can be a very famous model and your life can change forever. Modeling requirements are very strict these days. You need to be sure you look good before applying for a job in a Modeling Agency. Having experience in modeling it’s also a major factor that can open many doors for you in the future. Beauty or experience it’s a question but for sure every modeling company will choose beauty before experience. If a woman makes up her mind she will do everything for that and fight every day for a better position.

If you want to be perfect, plastic surgery is necessary for your appearance or body features. For example, the biggest models or famous celebrities are now famous because of their beauty or body shape. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner is famous because of their body shapes and has a great career as models in different Modeling Companies. Several models admit to plump their lips or to using Botox or filters. Examples of famous models’ appearances are used from new models so they can look like their idols on modeling and they do a lot of plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery vs Cosmetic Surgery, Definition and the Differences Between

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery may sound the same thing but they are totally different. To start things with cosmetic surgery is a very unique discipline of medicine that is mostly focused on enhancing your facial features or body. Cosmetic surgery has always been an option for models who don’t like parts of their face such as lips, chin, nose, or eyes. As we mentioned in our previous posts it’s quite easy to get the kind of look you want to get rid of any insecurity you may have. There are many cosmetic surgery treatments that will fill your lips or give you cat-like eyes such as the one Bella Hadid has.


Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is a surgical specialty that is totally dedicated to the reconstruction of someone’s face or body. These disorders usually happen due to birth disorders, burns, or diseases people may have. Plastic surgery is the best medical option that will be able to fix those issues and get rid of your insecurities.

As you may know, there are many people who are confused about the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Keep in mind that cosmetic surgery is mostly used to “fix” someone’s appearance making it a medical discipline totally focused on beauty.

At What Age Can People Have Cosmetic Surgery?

If we are speaking about the average age people have cosmetic surgery it’s 40 years old according to statistics. However, if you want to know what age they can have cosmetic surgery the age limit is above 18 years old. Those cosmetic surgeries conclude of rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, and many others. We are sure that most everyone knows about a facelift, botox, and many common cosmetic surgery treatments.

Celebrities That Have Done Plastic Surgery

It’s a taboo in Hollywood for a model to admit they had plastic surgery but as we all know most of them already had them. Here are some of the most mainstream models in today’s modeling industry that have done plastic surgery.

  • Kylie Jenner: We all saw her drastic transformation around the years but she only admits to having done a lip filler. In an interview, she said that she’s not afraid to say she did plastic surgery because if she has something that makes her feel uncomfortable she will change it.
  • Iggy Azalea: She admitted in an interview that she did breast lifting at some point in her life. However, that is no longer a secret since Iggy is the kind of girl that loves talking about her surgery.
  • Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie shocked the world when she decided to speak out about her breast lifting surgery. She wrote that she absolutely loves the end result and she has no regrets about it.

All in all, we hope that this article helped you get a clear definition of the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. In the article are provided some of the mainstream models in the modeling industry that undergo both plastic and cosmetic surgery.